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Cookies are small text files that are downloaded on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet) through the web browser.
Cookies are downloaded on the permanent memory of the device when the user visits our website so that our system can recognize the user during the following visits, improving the usage experience.
Cookie can be temporary (session cookie), that are used just during the visit of the user of our website and are erased when the user close the browser, or persistent cookies that remain in the permanent memory of the device , also when the user is not visiting our website anymore, until they are manually erased by the user or they automatically expire after a certain period of time.
RESIDENCEUROPA.COM use some temporary cookies that are able to have memory of the user while he browse on our website. We also let third parties (including Google) using on our website the analytic cookies (both temporary and persistent) in order to collect aggregated information regarding the most visited parts of our website and in order to monitor our advertising.
The information collected are used to improve the contents of our website, in order to make it easier to use for our clients and to verify the success of our adverting on the Web.
It’s our belief that these cookies have a negligible importance from the privacy point of view. We do not permit the usage on our website of third party cookies that able to follow the browsing of the users in order to make targeted marketing offer (also known as “behavioural advertising”).
The default setting of most of the browser accept the cookies usage both our cookies and third party. It’s always possible modifying these settings (both for our cookies and third party cookies) and decide if accepting cookies, displaying a pop-up window that allows to choose if accepting or not the cookies, or refusing the usage of all the cookies.
In order to let the website working in the best way, we suggest to accept both our cookies and third party cookies. The browser settings can be modified through the toolbar. If you want to unable the Google Analytics cookies (Google DoubleClick), visit the web page of Google ( and download the add-on for the deactivation of Google Analytics for the browser used.
It’s possible to set the browser so that it can refuse our cookies; please note that not accepting cookies compromise the use of some functionalities and the complete usage of the website.
Social network buttons
In order to create buttons for social media, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and connect them to the relative social network and external website, on our pages there are scripts originated from domains that are not under our control. These websites could collect information on the movements of the user on the Internet and particularly on our website.
If the user click on one or more of these buttons, the website mentioned above register that action and can use the relative information. For more detailed information on the usage that those websites do of the information collected from users and in order to know how to remove them or avoid them to be collected, refer to the privacy policy of each website.